Tuesday, August 4, 2009

"I will continue to value my family & friends, and strive to be loyal to them each day. I will continue to value my spiritual belief. I would like to become a communication's consultant in 5 years. I would like to be remembered as one who loves the Lord, Life and people."

Monday, August 3, 2009

Creative Storytelling

I went shopping today and found some great buys. Of course they were great, because I won the lottery, so I felt rich…but believe me, I am still thrifty. Thrifty, that word will always be a part of me. Yes, I don’t want to get the “Big” head and lose myself in riches. Riches will fade but thrifty will always be there. So it is a good thing that I keep a cool head and only spend part of my winnings while investing the rest. My Supervisor was pleased by me telling these stories. Yes, thank God for my Supervisors stories of the evils of overindulgence and over spending. Wait….what am I talking about. Can someone direct me to the closest architect and let me spend!!!!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Artist Day / Art 4 Soul

There's a cute little shop that I have often passed by, but never stopped in. Due to my Artist Date, I schedule time to stop by and check it out. I was pleasantly surprised at the contents in the store. It is the cutest little store with many different expressions of art. These are just a few of the many awesome images of art. Several of the artist lives in the area of the shop. The shop also has a arts & craft section in the store, where you could create you own art through ceramic.

Floral Photoshoot

Floral Photoshoot

This creativity exercise made me embrace the Dewitt's notion of "don't be afraid to make mistakes." As you can see, I've made many mistakes in my search for the right shot.
While taking pictures of the beautiful floral garden of South Holland's Veteran Park, I agree with Dewitt Jones that "There is always more than one right answer." I truly enjoyed finding "new" treasures while taking pictures. I began to view the flowers differently, while trying to capture the "perfect" picture. I also realize I must train my techique in taking photos, which will enhance my new found creative hobby.
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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Dusty's Mission Statement

"I will continue to value family and friends, and strive to be loyal to them each day. I will continue to value my spiritual beliefs and be guided by my values. I choose to be humble, considerate, honest, kind, loving, and forgiving. I will resist building walls around myself, because I know I am called to serve something greater than myself. I will remember to thank those who have helped me along my journey, and commit to returning their kindness to others. I will take time for reflection of my life's journey and what I have learned along the way."