Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Floral Photoshoot

This creativity exercise made me embrace the Dewitt's notion of "don't be afraid to make mistakes." As you can see, I've made many mistakes in my search for the right shot.
While taking pictures of the beautiful floral garden of South Holland's Veteran Park, I agree with Dewitt Jones that "There is always more than one right answer." I truly enjoyed finding "new" treasures while taking pictures. I began to view the flowers differently, while trying to capture the "perfect" picture. I also realize I must train my techique in taking photos, which will enhance my new found creative hobby.
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  1. These are really nice shots! and I'm not just saying that. It appears that you are using flash either at night or in shade/low sunlight situations. It gives it a dramatic effect. That combined with your point of view, you are achieving interesting effects.