Sunday, July 19, 2009


Bought the house of my dreams. It had the desired rooms and size.
The kitchen was nice and loved the family room. I was excited about the beautiful backyard that would become a playground for my kids. I did not realize when I bought the house that the neighbor located directly in the back of my house, had a dog (shall I say a barking dog). I loved my yard, but I could not enjoy it because the neighbor's dog barked nonstop when he sensed someone near. I later observed my neighbor's neglect of their yard and their dog. The dog would somehow escape from the 4 feet gate that came between my yard and theirs. The neighbor's dog and their yard was such a nuisance to me, I had thoughts of selling my home. The lack of my neighbor's attention to their dog or their yard, motivated me to purchase a 6 foot beautiful gate to block any view of the neighbor's unkept yard and the dog was unable to see anyone playing in my yard. The gate actually added value to my home, enhancing the look of the yard. The gate provides a greater sense of privacy in my yard. If the barking dog had not been a constant annoyance, I would not have purchased the 6 foot gate. I must give the credit to my neighbor's dog and yard neglect, which prompted me to seek a creative resolution that was beneficial for both parties involved. I am now able to enjoy my yard and have a better relationship with my neighbors.

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